Prasetiya Mulya Investment Challenge

A competition built especially for senior high school students all around Indonesia.

Prasetiya Mulya Investment Challenge (PMIC) is a competition held by Finance and Investment Society (FIS) Prasetiya Mulya University. This event will be conducted for 3 days and 2 nights. With a group of three, all senior high schoolers can join this competition. The purpose of this competition is to contribute for Indonesia’s education especially about investment. Therefore, PMIC is expected to provide opportunities for all participants to learn about investment personally and professionally.

There will be 3 main events which are workshop, games, and final presentation. PMIC is designed to make students learn about investment world in an easier and fun way. There will be cases and guidance in a form of video and module for all the participants. Interactive games also make it easier for the participants to understand about investments. PMIC will be closed by final presentation from the best 20 teams.